Integrated Actor Training

Suzuki-based training for the Mind, Body & Voice

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“Great teacher and talented actor who I had the privilege of teaching at the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia. Thank you, Emma, for trusting me because you ended up bringing more to that class than I had ever expected."

- Marilyn McIntyre, Actor / Acting Coach, Howard Fine Acting Studio LA

…physical theatre training is not for the accumulation of skills to be applied as character traits in a play, but rather to foster an overall cognitive framework for fictional aesthetic in a real material world. 

– Maiya J Murphy, Assistant Professor, Performance Studies, National University of Singapore 

“I feel like I need my body to work to get into the voice, but then once I find the voice, it helps me get further into my body – truly they are connected!”

– Narda Shanley, Performer / Executive Director/Co-CEO, St Martins Youth Arts Centre


“The Suzuki Method of Actor Training was developed by Tadashi Suzuki, Artistic Director of the Suzuki Company of Toga (SCOT). This technique has gained a broad following in professional theatre circles including the Royal Shakespeare Company, among many. The Suzuki Method develops the actor’s inner physical sensibilities, and builds the will, stamina and concentration. The workshop activities include a series of exercises focussing on the use of the feet in relation to one’s centre. These exercises are designed to throw the body off centre while maintaining a consistent level of energy and not swaying the upper body. The training involves precise physical discipline to bring a heightened awareness and emotional and physical commitment to each moment on stage. The Suzuki Method is designed to gain expressive perspective and abilities, and to explore the power of the human body in the theatrical context.” – The Japan Society


Inspired by over ten years of intense and exclusive training in the Suzuki Actor Training Method in both Australia and Japan, and 22 years in the acting industry, Emma Louise Pursey’s Integrated Actor Training is a set repertoire of rigorous physical-based exercises that incorporate speech to focus on the core in relation to the body, mind and voice.

Whilst largely derived from Suzuki’s method, it has been adapted to encourage more natural alignments of the body, focusing on safe technique and longevity of practice.

In October 2016 Emma hosted and co-taught a masterclass here in Melbourne with renowned Japanese performer and former Suzuki company principal actor, Okubo Noriaki. Together they outlined the basic performative principles for this adapted methodology.

The Integrated Actor Training method complements all other acting and performance methodologies and is a powerful tool in the creation of powerful actors.

For more information go to: www.integratedactortraining.com

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What you will learn
  • How to be centred, focussed, grounded and connected
  • How to integrate and strengthen the body, mind and voice by controlling breath and releasing tension
  • How to be create presence, energised stillness and being in-the-moment
What you will get
  • Experienced and dedicated teacher with invaluable knowledge of the methodology who is also a working practitioner within the industry
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Exciting group dynamic
  • Repertoire of rigorous physically-based exercises that incorporate vocal work
  • Greater commitment to self-discovery
  • Enhanced physical, emotional and stylistic performance capabilities
  • Professional studio space

What to bring
  • Your water bottle
  • Your enthusiasm!
What to wear

Gym clothing and thick socks (or two pairs will do)

Appropriate for

This training is most suited to professional actors, dancers and performers, though is open to anyone who is interested in physical-based training.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

All course purchases are non-refundable. Any refunds given will be at the discretion of the course provider. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for full details.

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Terms & Conditions



Please find following the terms and conditions for Integrated Actor Training: Body Mind Voice (IAT) course. Emma Louise Pursey may from time to time change the terms and conditions of use.

The Course

1. The service is offered by Emma Louise Pursey (Integrated Actor Training: Body Mind Voice) trading as (ABN 3102 4199 248).


2. Students who book a place in an IAT course are required to pay an immediate non-refundable full course fee as per price listed in the booking portal.

3. Early Bird Discount is for the 5 week IAT course is required in full at time of purchase and non-refundable. This discount is only available up to three weeks prior to commencement of the course.

4. Payment of all fees must be made by the Payment Date(s) indicated and must be in Australian currency paid through weteachme.com

Unable to Deliver

5. Where Emma Louise Pursey is unable to deliver a class within an IAT course period due to the varied and high demands of the industry, Emma Louise Pursey reserves the right to add a substitute course to make up for any cancellations. See 8. Refunds for full course cancellation.


6. If a student is unable to attend the IAT course, no transfer is available to attend another IAT course.

7. If a student is unable to attend a class within the IAT course period they will be not be permitted to make up a class within another course period.


8. Emma Louise Pursey (Integrated Actor Training: Body Mind Voice) Refund conditions:

  1. All fees are non-refundable.
  2. All early bird discounts are non-refundable
  3. If a student does not make full payment of the specified amount prior to the IAT course commencement date the student will be unable to commence the course
  4. If a student does not commence an IAT course on the notified date, the student remains liable for the total course fees, and no refund will be given
  5. Where a student does not complete an IAT course, the student will remain liable for the total course fees, and no refund will be given
  6. In the event of a full course cancellation, all fees will be fully refunded, or students will be given the option to transfer their fee to secure a place in the next course timeframe.


9. Emma Louise Pursey reserves the right to:

  1. refuse any enrolment where permitted by law;
  2. alter any of the IAT course particulars whether before or during the course;
  3. cancel or terminate the whole or any part of the IAT course.

Course Information

10. Emma Louise Pursey reserves the right to change IAT course information including fees, rates, course dates and times without notification.

Personal Injury

11. Emma Louise Pursey is not responsible for any injury caused by or to a student or any other person by that student, nor for the loss or damage to any personal property of a student or caused by a student arising from participation in the IAT course, attendance at the IAT course premises or from the activities of the IAT course. Each student agrees to participate in the IAT course at his or her own risk and will release Emma Louise Pursey from any claim which a student might otherwise be able to make.

Governing Law

12. Your rights and obligations under these terms and conditions are governed by the law in force in Victoria, from time to time. You irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria and courts of appeal from the courts of Victoria.

Limitations of Use

13. Emma Louise Pursey may revise or alter these terms and conditions at any time. Revisions and alterations will be posted on the weteachme.com booking portal and/or issued via email. Users are responsible for reviewing Terms and Conditions at time of purchase and all emails issued to ensure compliance.

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22 December 2019 • Integrated Actor Training

Emma’s training was physically and mentally challenging, and incredibly rewarding. What was chaotic and at times very confrontational in the beginning turned into bits of information about what I need to work on in my acting and in my life. As the course went on the physical tension and frequent frustration I had in the early classes slowly transformed into deeper breathing and increased focus. Emma’s teaching was focused, disciplined and encouraged me to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I found her feed-back clear and translatable to my acting work and behaviour outside class. This was just the beginning - I can’t wait for the next course to come around so I can continue my training. I highly recommend this course to actors! - Maria Nordenberg, Actor


08 November 2019 • Integrated Actor Training

Suzuki was the challenge and step-up that I was looking for in developing my instrument. An intense technique evoking me to act with full-body presence and grounded energy. Emma Louise Pursey is an exceptional teacher, bringing a masterful amount of experience and knowledge and combining it with the right amount of insightful direction and fun gentleness. It is a privilege to train with Emma. - Eliza Charley (Actor, Writer, and Business Strategist).


29 October 2019 • Integrated Actor Training

This was the second time I completed this course and I can't rate it enough. Emma is an incredibly dedicated and passionate teacher and it shows in her training. It is intense, demanding and challenging work but when you start to notice how immensely powerful it can make your work as a performer, you won't look back. I can't wait to do it again.

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